About Trinity Lutheran's Early Learning Center


Trinity Lutheran’s Early Learning Center offers children a unique setting full of extra curricular activities. A typical day for a preschooler includes circle time, center time for play based learning and story time. Our classrooms are complete with a PolyVision board which helps integrate technology into theme based lessons, stories, and music lessons. Our program is equipped to meet the needs of today's young children.

Trinity Lutheran provides our Early Learning Center with breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack each day. We have a health conscious menu which includes peanut free meals. All of our meals are included in the weekly tuition.

We know that children are made to run, skip, jump, yell, sing and move about. Trinity is blessed to provide our preschoolers with ample indoor and outdoor space to do just that. We have an up-to-date, safe and large fenced in playground. We have a large soccer field for our children to play many team games and for sprinkler fun in the summer months. Indoors we have a gymnasium that our preschoolers use daily along with a variety of play equipment.

Once a week our children are exposed to an interactive music class directed by Mrs. Pam Byrnes. Mrs. Byrnes has taught music for over 20 years. She provides the children with exposure to a number of instruments including African Drums. In class they are story telling to music, marching and learning a variety of music from every culture and genre. The Early Learning Center performs in a Christmas Program and Spring Program each year directed by Mrs. Byrnes.

Trinity Lutheran’s Early Learning Center provides the children with a Christian based curriculum. The preschoolers learn bible verses, bible stories and incorporate their knowledge into creating crafts, singing songs or Bible enriched games. Our Pre-K classes attend a weekly chapel service, while our younger children attend a monthly chapel service.

We are blessed to be able to offer so many quality, fun, engaging programs and activities for our young children. Their first experiences begin here at Trinity Lutheran and we want those memories to be wonderful and last a life time.