Stop in Monday through Friday and visit us to see first-hand what Trinity Lutheran Christian School offers to students. 

Please register at the school office when you arrive. The school entrance is at the far end of the building, under the green awning marked School and Early Learning Center Entrance.


At Trinity Lutheran Christian School, we encourage parents to bring their children to join a class for a day. Your child is invited to attend their potential new class and participate in the whole program for a day. We call this shadowing, which gives your child(ren) a chance to meet the teacher and other students and take part in the learning and the fun for a whole day. For the convenience of both parent and school, academic screening is included in the activities of the day as an aid for the school for proper placement of the students. 


You may Schedule a Campus Tour with an administrator, where you can learn more about our program and its ability to meet the needs and goals you have for your child(ren). This is a valuable time when you can share your thoughts and questions. Schedule a time to visit us today!