WHO ARE WE? Our Mission, Vision, and Values


The Trinity Lutheran Christian School was founded in 1960 by Trinity Congregation so parents could send their children to receive an excellent academic and religious education which included Faith, morals, and ethics.  For over 56 years, we have offered a curriculum rooted in a God-Centered view of life which holds God’s truth is the standard for all truth.  We have faithfully instilled within our students both the knowledge and character needed for success in Senior High, College and life.

When you visit our school, you will experience a quiet, personal environment from the office, to the hallways, to the classrooms.  We are about the building of a Christian community at Trinity Lutheran Christian School.  Yet within this structured community, you will discover a family oriented community of teachers and students where mutual love and respect exist beyond the four walls of the classroom.  This is stated in our Mission Statement.

Trinity is a full-fledged 21st century school from Age 2 through Grade 8, teaching students in the way they learn best today, that is, through the best of traditional, digital and technological methods.  We offer a 21st century school day, year, staff and curriculum.  Small classes, technology, natural core subject emphasis, personal iPads (Kindergarten-Grade 5). Tablets and laptops (grades 6-8), chronological scheduling, Professional Counselor and Learning Resource Teacher, safe environment, modern playgrounds, large athletic field, healthy food, weekly chapel, traditional values are the normal for the school day.


For every graduate of Trinity Lutheran Christian School to be academically prepared and spiritually grounded with their Christian lifestyle traits in place to guide them to fulfill God’s purpose for them in all of life.


Trinity Lutheran Christian School and Early Learning Center seeks to glorify God by:


Our students will:

  • Investigate using technology and other resources to identify, analyze, and evaluate information.
  • Present ideas and research in visual and/or auditory format with clarity and quality.
  • Develop a life-long love of learning.


Our students will:

  • Be prepared in all academic disciplines including reading, writing, speaking, listening, thinking, mathematics, science, and problem solving.
  • Have a knowledge and understanding of people, events, and movements in history as well as cultures of other people and places.
  • Appreciate literature and the arts and understand how they express and shape our beliefs and values.


Our students will:

  • Understand the worth of every human being as created in the image of God.
  • Integrate God’s Word daily so that they understand that their life choices have consequences.
  • Develop a love for the Lord and a servant's heart


Trinity Lutheran Christian School is decidedly Christian – everything we teach and do is based upon God and His Word.

The Trinity Lutheran School is a community of grace – in order to reach hearts and foster faith we go beyond rules and consequences to the spirit.

The Trinity Lutheran Christian School is responsive – we make every effort to go beyond expectations to provide a positive educational experience for every student and parent.

The Trinity Lutheran Christian School is innovative in thinking – we value the best of traditional practices; strive to embrace the best of current practices for student learning – digital and technological.

The Trinity Lutheran Christian School is purpose driven – we are passionate about all we do and work to create that same passion in our students because we are convinced that God has called us to the ministry.

The Trinity Lutheran Christian School is open to all – we love children and we gladly welcome everyone in our community and from all the nations of the world.

The Trinity Lutheran Christian School is a safe place – we provide a peaceful and structured environment where students are protected physically and emotionally in a loving atmosphere where they can learn to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives.

The Trinity Lutheran Christian School is a family – we view one another as brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, and we understand this means applying the care of Christ to our students and families after school hours and even after graduation.