We value personalized attention, hard work and a commitment to be the very best that a student can be. This is why students at Trinity Lutheran Christian School receive opportunities to grow in academics, character, leadership, service, the arts, athletics, and the Christian faith. We believe in Holistic Education – Educating the whole child…mind…body…spirit.







Our model for student success

The Trinity Lutheran Christian School Board, working with the staff, developed a model for student success which is directly reflected in our Mission Statement.

Trinity Lutheran Christian School and Early Learning Center seeks to glorify God by:


Our students will:

  • Investigate using technology and other resources to identify, analyze, and evaluate information.
  • Present ideas and research in visual and/or auditory format with clarity and quality.
  • Develop a life-long love of learning.


Our students will:

  • Be prepared in all academic disciplines including reading, writing, speaking, listening, thinking, mathematics, science, and problem solving.
  • Have a knowledge and understanding of people, events, and movements in history as well as cultures of other people and places.
  • Appreciate literature and the arts and understand how they express and shape our beliefs and values.


Our students will:

  • Understand the worth of every human being as created in the image of God.
  • Integrate God’s Word daily so that they understand that their life choices have consequences.
  • Develop a love for the Lord and a servant's heart.

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Our Mathematics curriculum at Trinity presents content through a combination of engaging, inquiry based activities, step by step direct instruction and frequent, sequenced practice.  Mathematics instruction is supported by technology at all levels through the use of SMART boards, IXL Math practice, iPads (K-5th) and laptops (6th-8th).  Problem solving and critical thinking skills are strongly encouraged, to prepare students for high school and real world mathematics applications.  Our Lower School Math Program includes proper math vocabulary, addition and subtraction, geometry, time, money, measurement, word problems, and multiplication and division (2nd-4th).  Our Middle School math program offers Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II to students who are able to go above and beyond grade level expectations.


Strategies in reading are introduced, modeled and practiced as a class, and individually to increase comprehension.  Word study skills are continuously honed throughout the school year.  In our Lower School, students apply decoding skills while reading and recognize sight words, read fluently and comprehend written material, understand vocabulary across the curriculum, and demonstrate proficiency in reading skills for their level.  Our students in the Middle School experience the excitement of reading through the use of books and accompanying story tapes/CD’s and workbooks to reinforce the learned skills.  Students also have the opportunity to bring the stories they read to life, through drama.  Reading instruction is woven through all subjects, and individualized to reflect students’ varying reading level.  Movie and Book compare and contrast projects to promote critical thinking, retention and comprehension.  Various book projects are also designed to combine reading and writing skills.


Christian Education at Trinity at all grade levels recognizes that God, through His word, is the absolute authority and basis for all truth and grace.

We believe that effective education is carried out through quality and experimental learning programs that relate the Christian faith to every aspect of life.

We believe that the uniqueness of Christian Education:

  1. Views the pupil through the cross of Christ.
  2. Has the Father’s given reasons for educating man.
  3. Is empowered by the Spirit for accomplishing its purposes.

We believe that the Lutheran school’s uniqueness:

  1. Gives adequate time for Christian instruction.
  2. Provides teaching by professional Christian teachers.
  3. Exemplifies the “Body of Christ” at work.
  4. Endeavors to meet the learner’s educational needs in a single school setting.

In addition to their daily Christian Education classes, the students attend Chapel each week and actively participate in the music and in the presentation of the themes.  A major emphasis in the entire Christian Education program is to lead students to faith in Jesus Christ, God’s Son, as the one and only way of salvation.


Our Science program is designed around inquiry based learning.  Students are encouraged to design experiments to explore the scientific concepts being taught.  Many of the units our Lower School students study are weather, plants, animals, environments, matter, forces, machines, space, energy, electricity, magnetism, light, sound, the earth, seasons, and the senses.  Experiments are a vital part of any Science curriculum and our 6th-8th grade students have access to a fully functioning lab where hands on opportunities are plentiful.  In the Lower School, our students also learn the Scientific method and conduct experiments and STEM projects.

All students in Middle School are also required to participate in the Science Fair that showcases their personal interests and aptitude for Science.


The Language Arts classes at Trinity Lutheran Christian School strive to instill a deep love for literature.  Students in the Middle School read many classic and modern novels on their way to becoming lifelong readers.  In addition, the students compare and contrast several film versions of the stories to the novels they have read.  Students learn the art of poetry as well as prose.  Our students have the opportunity to participate in various essay and poetry competitions on local, statewide, and national levels.  The study of grammar and vocabulary is an important part of every grade level, thereby rounding off a truly integrated Language Arts program.  Students in the Lower School learn to express ideas clearly and effectively when speaking and writing using the appropriate grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, and capitalization.



Our Middle School students explore our communities and our world.  History of our majestic land includes:  early pioneers, first Americans, the State of Maryland, government and much more.  Projects are a wonderful way to introduce our students to family values and explore and embrace Biblically-based cultural diversity.  In the Lower School, units include holidays, maps and globes, geography skills, communities, various culture groups, government, history, regions, and the State of Maryland.


Students need to know the basics of the language of Spanish in order to be able to communicate with the speakers of the language at any given time.  This is especially important for a faith-based school because of the emphasis placed on missions.  Students will come in contact with Spanish-speaking people in the United States and in travels who need to hear about the love of God.  By learning the basics of speaking Spanish, students will be able to communicate with many different people in many different situations.  Our curriculum includes listening, speaking, reading, writing and vocabulary.  Emphasis is placed on the acquisition of a broad vocabulary as the students begin to learn basic words in the languages and will further develop as they enter higher grades.  As a part of our curriculum, students will be introduced to Spanish.  They will learn about the culture, and to speak, read and write in Spanish, and gain better understanding of this beautiful language.