Registration begins mid to late January, 2019! 


Tuition Rates                            Tuition                                Registration Fee                                  Discount (4%)

Lower School  (non-refundable)  (if pd in full by March 31st)

Kindergarten – Grade 5           $ 7,500                                           $ 500                                                        $ 300

Middle School

Grades 6 – 8                                  $ 8,500                                           $ 500                                                       $ 340


All Tuition Fees may be paid online via the FACTS school management system or in the School Finance Office.


TRINITY ADVANTAGE - “The Inclusive Fee”



Screening/Testing                                                                                     Pre-Paid Tuition Discount

Achievement Testing (Gr. 3 – 8)                                                            Multi-Student Discount (up to $1,000)+

Church Member Discount ($ 250)+                                                      Military Discount ($ 250)+

Financial Aid Available                                                                             Peace of Mind Insurance

Classroom Technology

iPads (K – Grade 5)                                                                                     Tablets (Gr 6)

Personal Laptop (Gr. 7 - 8)                                                                       Interactive Boards

Computer, Science and Art Labs


Small Class Size                                                                                          Collaborative Learning

STEM Projects                                                                                              IXL Math/Language Arts   (K–Grade 8)

Band Program (Grade  4 –   8)                                                               Drama (Grade 4 – 8)

Electives (Grade 6 – 8)                                                                             Spanish (K- Grade 8)

Multi-Cultural Events                                                                               Special Assemblies

Student Government                                                                              Junior Honor Society

Christian Experience Program (Grade 6 – 8)


Art   & Science                                                                                             Bible (Gr. 6)

Student Planner (Gr. 3 – 8)                                                                    Textbooks

Three Playgrounds                                                                                   Theme T-Shirt

Supplemental School Staff

Resource Staff                                                                                            School Counselor

School Nurse                                                                                              Student Service Plans   

8th Grade

Senior High Transition                                                                           Graduation Fees

In-house retreats



After School Athletic Program     *     Before   and/or After Care     *     Class   Supply Items     *     Cafeteria     *     Field Trips     *     FACTS enrollment     *     School Pictures     *     Spirit Wear      *     Summer Reading Book     *     Uniforms     *     Yearbook


*The Inclusive Fee includes but is not limited to the items above. Trinity Lutheran reserves the right to change or alter the all-inclusive items at their discretion* 




1) The Registration Fee will be applied to the total tuition being charged and will remain the same regardless of financial aid or applicable discount.

2) The Registration Fee due at the time of application and is non-refundable. Application is not complete until this fee is paid in full. Regular enrollment ends August 9th. Late enrollment requires an additional $ 100 processing fee.

3) Tuition may be paid in ten monthly payments (August – May) with the first payment due by Aug 10, 2019 or Aug 20, 2019.

4) Parents are expected to satisfy current school year balance by May 31, 2020, with the exception of 8th grade, which must be paid by March 31, 2020.

5) Monthly payment is due on the tenth or the twentieh day of the month and is required to be auto debited unless it has been previously paid in full.

6) Monthly payments will be rendered without additional charge by Direct Debit via enrollment with FACTS. There is a one time per family account fee charged by FACTS.

7) If family elects to finance tuition, there will be an insurance protection fee of 1.5% due with the first payment in August. The 1.5% is based upon the total tuition due (after financial aid and applicable discounts are applied). i.e. $8,500 tuition - $1,000 financial aid - $ 7,500 balance = $ 112.50. Insurance protects family and school from unexpected withdrawals.




     $175     2019 Summer Camp Registration/Activity Fee ($20 discount - register by April 1, 2019)

     $235     One Week Prepaid Tuition Deposit with Enrollment (for those not currently enrolled)

     $470     Tuition Fees Payable Bi-Weekly Before Services Rendered


    $175     2019 Summer Camp Registration/Activity Fee ($20 discount - register by April 1, 2019) 

    $225     One Week Prepaid Tuition Deposit with Enrollment (for those not currently enrolled)

    $450     Tuition Fees Payable Bi-Weekly Before Services Rendered


    $200     2019 Summer Camp Registration/Activity Fee ($20 discount - register by April 1, 2019) 

    $225     One Week Prepaid Tuition Deposit with Enrollment (for those not currently enrolled)

    $450     Tuition Fees Payable Bi-Weekly Before Services Rendered




    $200     2019 Summer Camp Registration/Activity Fee ($20 discount - register by April 1, 2019) 

    $200     One Week Prepaid Tuition Deposit with Enrollment (for those not currently enrolled)

    $400     Tuition Fees Payable Bi-Weekly Before Services Rendered

* There is an Activity Fee charge (as listed above) for our Summer Camp Program

* We do accept Purchase of Care and Child Care Aware & Military Subsidy.

Registration Fee and One-Week Prepaid Tuition Deposit are Non-Refundable and due WITH application. The first two weeks' tuition is due when the child begins.


 At Trinity Lutheran, we strongly believe that Christian education is not a commodity, it’s a ministry! It’s a commitment! It’s a connection – a connection between your child’s need, and your family philosophy and our philosophy!

That’s why at Trinity Lutheran Christian School, the first and most important consideration is what is educationally best for your child. All other considerations are secondary. That being said, we know that money is an important consideration for any parent.

Therefore, as part of our Christian ministry, Trinity Lutheran Christian School provides needs based scholarship assistance to help provide a solid Christian education to children in Harford County.  Working with families who share our vision and values, our goal is to provide the opportunities of Christian education to children of varying incomes, races, and family situations.

At Trinity Lutheran Christian School, financial aid is a ministry, the ministry of opportunity. Our financial aid decisions are guided by the very same Biblical principles integrated into our entire educational program.

Opportunity at its essence, needs-based financial aid represents opportunity for children of all races, sexes, and income levels. Financial aid is a profound opportunity…

…the opportunity for a better education,

…the opportunity for better college,

…the opportunity for more college scholarship help,

…the opportunity to be better fathers, mothers, husbands, wives and guardians,

…the opportunity to give oneself to a lifetime of service,

…the opportunity to live a set apart life, a life of distinction, and

…the opportunity to spend eternity in bliss with our Loving Heavenly Father. 

In short, financial aid at Trinity Lutheran is an opportunity for children and families who are like-minded and willing to rise above their circumstance to fully achieve God’s high calling in their lives.
First and foremost at Trinity Lutheran Christian School is what is best educationally for your child. All other considerations are secondary.

But money is important, and tuition is an investment into the life of your child.  This is the reason why we have a very liberal needs-based financial aid program – more so than other schools in our area – to assist families who demonstrate a financial need.

Trinity Lutheran Christian School desires to partner with families to make Christian education an option financially.

Our Ministry-Based Philosophy of Tuition and Financial Aid is built on a Biblically-based sustainable financial model that provides for the ongoing expansion and improvement of the educational services we offer.

  • We will seek to attract and integrate students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds.
  • To the greatest extent possible, any child from a motivated family will not be denied admission solely because of lack of financial resources to pay our tuition.
  • Our tuition rate will increasingly reflect the full cost to educate each child as well as enabling us to better accomplish our educational mission into the future.
  • We believe parents should be invested in the education of their child and be willing to pay all they can afford toward tuition and fees. We recognize this may require families to stretch their budgets and rearrange their priorities.
  • All financial aid for qualifying families is needs-based on a case-by-case basis, utilizing an objective, confidential, verified third-party financial aid needs assessment process.
  • We will offer significant aid and award it in a manner that will allow as many families as possible to have the opportunity to attend Trinity Lutheran Christian School.


Financial Aid is available for our families with a maximum of $2,125 per student. Application should be made as early as possible as financial aid will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis. An application must be completed prior to making a request for financial aid to ensure availability of class placement. APPLICATIONS FOR FINANCIAL AID ARE PROCESSED ON A FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED BASIS.

To apply:  

1.) Click APPLY FOR FINANCIAL AID and follow the steps provided on the screen.

If you have questions, contact the School Finance Office at 410 679-4000, x181 (Judy Jester) or x122 (Dawn Wagner).


1) All fees are refunded (with the exception of the testing fee) if Trinity Lutheran Christian School cannot accept the child. Acceptance is contingent on student’s developmental readiness and space availability.

2) All requests for refunds or withdrawals must be requested in writing and received in the office prior to the deadline detailed in the enrollment application.

3) The Registration Fee is non-refundable following the acceptance of your child’s registration.

4) Withdrawals received on or before March 31, 2019  for the school year 2019/20 will be honored with a refund of only the amount paid in excess of the non-refundable Registration Fee due at time of registration. There will be no refunds for withdrawals after April 1, 2019. The parent or guardian is responsible for the entire year’s tuition, payable by December 1, of each new school year unless otherwise agreed on by school and parents.